What is the Shadow Self?

The ‘shadow self’ is basically the term for everything we cannot see in ourselves. We create it by the way we deal with our unwanted feelings and thoughts. So therefore, we have created our own reality!


It is easy for us to accept that we have created our own reality when we make plans and carry them out for positive things to happen. It becomes a boost to our self-esteem, accepting credit when good fortune happens.


However, when something bad happens we tend to feel resentment, anger and fear. It becomes very easy to blame circumstances or others for our misfortune that seemed to be out of our control. From there we tend to seek sympathy from others to validate our feelings of self-pity. Oftentimes, when presented with the idea that we create our problems, we tend to rationalize it, reasoning why we would choose negative situations for ourselves.


Most of us go to great lengths to hide the shadow sides of ourselves. It is easier for us to point out the shadows of others before we recognize it in ourselves, seeing gifts in one area of life but remaining unaware of poor behavior in other areas.


We give up our power when we remain stuck in this thinking of helplessness.


We are all susceptible to this.


This is where doing shadow work can help us negate these behaviors; to help us live a happier life.


Joanne and Todd came together collaboratively and created The Shadow Self - A Journey Within Podcast to help the listeners meet their shadow self. Begin removing the masks. Get to the core of why. Once this is done, it will empower them to move into their authentic self. Set sail to begin their true JOURNEY!




The world is ready to make this shift for the greater good. It is our passion to do this work. To guide others to set sail and begin a true journey of their authentic self!


By doing this work, Joanne and Todd are guiding others to become who they truly are meant to be so they can live their lives happily and authentically.


“When you are your authentic self, you fulfill the dream that lives in your soul!”

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